Windows Fix Disk Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows Fix Disk is?

Fake defragmenter tools pretend to be useful programs, which can optimize your hard disk space, and improve performance of your computer. Windows Fix Disk is exactly like that, but the keyword in this is “fake”. Just because it looks like a reliable program, it does not mean it is one. In reality, Windows Fix Disk is a malicious software application, which will aim at your bank account, using the lowest methods possible.

It is possible to catch Windows Fix Disk via flash advertisements, which advertise non-existing companies and their services. These advertisements are flamboyant and eye-catching, so it is only a matter of time, until someone clicks on them and gets infected. Usually, clicking on a flash advertisement redirects the user to some other site, which hosts a download file for Windows Fix Disk. From there it takes just one single click to infect your computer.

When Windows Fix Disk gets installed in your system, it performs a fake system scan, because it is a rogue application, and fake system scans are the common procedure of all rogue antispyware applications. While performing the scan, you can the configuration of your computer at the right top corner of Windows Fix Disk interface. Even though the program is fake, such small details are there to try and persuade you that the application is real. However, the “scan” results, which tell you that there are 11 Errors in your computer, are not to be taken seriously. You don’t need to fix those errors, because they simply do not exist. Windows Fix Disk only wants you to believe the threats are there, because it wants you to activate the advanced module of the program.

Activating advanced module requires your personal data and banking information. The problem is that the price of providing your information is a lot bigger than it is shown in the Windows Fix Disk purchase window. Apart from paying for an absolutely worthless product, you will also experience an ultimate theft, when the people behind this rogue will empty your bank account without your consent. Not to mention that the fake defragmenter will remain in your computer, causing more harm. So you mustn’t hesitate – erase Windows Fix Disk manually, or acquire a good automatic malware removal tool to do the job for you.

In non techie terms:

Windows Fix Disk is a fake defragmenter tool, which pretends to be a useful software application. In fact, it is a malicious rogue, which has been designed to trick you into spending your money for nothing. On top of that, this program harms your computer, so you need to delete Windows Fix Disk as soon as possible.

Aliases: WindowsFixDis.