Windows Cleaning Tool Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows Cleaning Tool is?

If you have Windows Cleaning Tool in your system you need to remove it immediately, because it is a dangerous rogue antispyware product, which puts your system in danger, at the same time targeting your hard-earned money. Windows Cleaning Tool pretends to be a reliable security tool which detects and destroys computer viruses and errors. Unfortunately, it cannot live up to its promises, because it is a malicious application in itself and you will only experience undesirable consequences if you allow this rogue to stay in your system.

Windows Cleaning Tool is not the first rogue with this kind of configuration. It belongs to a huge family of the Fake Microsoft Security Essentials scam, and the previous versions of the same rogue include Windows Necessary Firewall, Windows Troubles Solver, Windows Precautions Center and many more. Windows Cleaning Tool manages to trick a lot of unsuspecting users because it poses as a part of legitimate system and uses famous logos and names in its interface.

When this rogue gets installed in your computer it changes the system configurations so that it would be able to load every single time you boot your Windows. Once the computer is turned on and the Windows has loaded, Windows Cleaning Tool jumps into action and performs a fake system scan. Everything can seem legitimate also because the rogue shows your system configurations at the bottom of the scan, such as your operating system and the type of your processor. Once the scan is done, you are urged to update the software for full system cleanup.

However, updating the software requires paying for the Windows Cleaning Tool license and you should not do that. If you do so, you will reveal your credit card number, its expiration date and the CVV2 code to third party and the criminals behind this rogue will be able to use your sensitive data while performing various illegal operations. In the end you will be left with no money at all. You also cannot allow Windows Cleaning Tool to stay in your system, because it slows down Windows processes and meddles with your Internet speed. The best way out of this mess is to remove Windows Cleaning Tool immediately without any further ado.

In non-techie terms:

Windows Cleaning Tool is a fake rogue antispyware application which masquerades as a legitimate security program. Its main goal is to rip you off, but it can also slow down your system processes making your computer inoperable. In order to avoid such devastating consequences you need to terminate Windows Cleaning Tool manually or by using an automatic malware removal tool.

Aliases: WindowsCleaningTool.