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Real-Time Malware Protection and Removal Tool

Dynamic tool that adapts to your needs

Ten years of research and constant dealing with computer users and their needs have allowed us to create a computer security tool that is user-friendly and highly effective at the same time. SpyHunter is available in 13 languages and comes with variety of security options, allowing you to configure the program according to your own preferences. Give it a try!

Got a problem? No worries, we are always here!

We know that no matter how good the program is there are always cases when automated options are not enough. That is why apart from its automated key features, SpyHunter also comes with an interactive HelpDesk that provides you with a real-time help by computer professionals. Got a problem? Not a problem! We will figure out what is wrong and will provide you with a solution in person. Just don’t hesitate to contact us!

Always Up-to-date

With SpyHunter you can be sure that your system will be protected from the most recent infections. SpyHunter’s definition database is updated daily – all you need to do is check the “Automatically check for updates” option at the SpyHunter 4 Configuration section in General Settings and you can be sure that the application will update itself automatically each time a definition update is released. We are working daily to provide you with optimal service.

Adaptive and ongoing protection made easy!

Delivering ongoing protection against the latest and most malicious software, including spyware, Trojans, rootkits.

100% User Friendly
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Money Back Guarantee
No Plugins Required
Constant Protection
FREE 24 Hour Support
Have questions? Do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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