Windows Power Expansion Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows Power Expansion is?

The variety of the very same rogue might be unbelievable. Windows Power Expansion is a part of a huge Fake Microsoft Security Essentials fraud, which has been tormenting computer users for quite some time now. It is a direct clone of Windows Simple Protector, Windows Optimal Solution, Windows Defence Center and many more. It is necessary to remove Windows Power Expansion at once, because a rogue optimization application with so many forerunners can bring nothing but harm.

This rogue pretends to be a genuine security program. When it is installed in your system it performs a fake system scan, and during the “scan” you can see the real system directories’ names appear in the scan bar. That is done to make it look like a real thing. What is more, after the “scan” Windows Power Expansion will inform you about the number of viruses and errors detected, claiming that some of them have been fixed and/or removed (20 system errors and 12 viruses).

However, nothing of the like has really happened and this is only a fraud, conceived in order to make you believe that Windows Power Expansion can be beneficial to your system. The next moment it announces about system threats, the rogue offers you to open the license manager you will see a message in red bold letters saying “License error!”. With this Windows Power Expansion implies that without a renewed license it will not be able to remove the remaining threats.

Even though everything might seem legal and reliable, don’t fill in the purchase form for this rogue. Windows Power Expansion, first and foremost, is a spyware which extracts your personal data and then uses it for various illegal activities. If you wish to avoid negative consequences of this infection, take action in time and delete Windows Power Expansion before it is too late.

In non techie terms:

Windows Power Expansion is a fake security program, designed to rip you off. It is a malicious software application which slows down your computer and tries to remain in your system for a long period of time, in order to lure your personal information out of you. Deal with this infection immediately and remove Windows Power Expansion from your computer.

Aliases: WindowsPowerExpansion.