The Hacker Factor: Bill O'Reilly Web Site Hacked

Personal details of over 200 Bill O'Reilly Web Site Members Exposed In Hacking

Hackers are staying busy hacking email accounts and now have hacked into Bill O'Reilly's web site releasing personal details of users. Not to our surprise, just like the Sarah Palin email hacking incident, details of users on the Bill O'Reilly site have been posted onto Wikileaks. Not only do these hackers attack an email or website, but the post screen shots online for everyone to see.

New Hacking tactics?

Is this a new age of hacking where hackers expose their findings to the internet world? Some experts say the attacks are deliberate or responses to statements made about Wikileaks as a despicable website. Whatever the case may be, the members of the Bill O'Reilly website's passwords were exposed which spread rapidly through many internet forums.

The recent hack into Bill O'Reilly's web site may have been accomplished by adamant hackers who are well experienced and actually know what they are doing. This situation seems very different from the Sarah Palin email hacking case were it may have been pure luck in guessing her password from gathered personal information. An article at Wikileaks said:

"According to Marston, the hackers were able to access the list by trying a large number of variations of the website's administrative URL. He said all affected members have received an email and a phone call informing them of the breach and urging them to change their password. The site has since been completely locked down, Marston said."

We are more than certain the administrative logins on Bill O'Reilly's web site have been since changed among other security measures taken after the discovery of this incident.

With this information in the wrong hands don't you think the Bill O'Reilly web site members may have other personal accounts hacked?

Security researchers speculate that many of the Bill O'Reilly web site members passwords may work for other account based sites such as Paypal. With this information in the hackers hands it may be a bigger issue for those 206 members of Bill O'Reilly's web site. This can be said for anyone when a website is hacked. If you utilize the same password for multiple sites (not recommended) then you may be setting yourself up for disaster. It is best to utilize a different password for every site that you log into.

  • Vortigern

    I'm actually rather against hacking in general, since I don't want to suffer any of the ill effects of being on the receiving end. That said, I'm just elated that Mr. O'Reilly had his site exposed. I feel bad for the members whose information got out, but I suppose that's what they get for associating their information with a database for O'Reilly Factor viewers/readers. As for Bill himself, I can think of nobody better to take down a notch. Good job you guys, whoever you are!