Fake codec's and fake Facebook pages conjoin to cause only chaos...

The latest scam taking the Internet Community by storm is the trend to make use of a fake Facebook page, complete with a fake flash player, and via these fake applications, the hackers are ensuring they enter into computer systems undetected.

So, what exactly is a codec, to begin with? Well, Codec's are used to decode compressed data, so as to ensure said data is viewable and audible. What is happening now is these codec's are being mimicked and the fake codec's are being marketed as legitimate ones. The fake codec's are actually used as lures deployed by the dishonest scammers in charge of this operation, to ensure their objectives are met.

The latest lure is via the fake Facebook page, which will get the user to click on the fake flash player, and in so doing, the user has inadvertently allowed for a conduit through which the malicious content can enter into their system.

Another fake application one needs to look out for is the"Flash Player Upgrade Required". This message accompanies the fake Facebook page, and prompts users to download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. The fundamental problem with this particular scam is that it seems to be authentic and users, who are frequent Facebook users, may find it extremely difficult to be able to identify as a fake application. Flash Player Upgrade Required has been created by malicious scammers looking to assure malware is downloaded onto a user's PC. Once a user proceeds to click on the "update" link, it will actually install a Trojan infection called: Trojan-Downloader.Win32.CodecPack.2GCash.Trojan-Downloader.Win32.CodecPack.2GCash will then make use of a fake codec video in order to trick victims.

This particular malicious payload, carried out by the fake codec affiliated with a fake Facebook page, consist of a file which collects the data stored in the browsers, such as cookies, passwords, profiles, email accounts, etc, and connects to a remote address to send the information. This particular file tends to spread by making copies of itself in the removable drives and it also creates an autorun.inf, in order to be run when they are accessed.

In order to uninstall codec's manually, there are a few simple steps one should follow:

1. Navigate to Start > Settings - > Control panel < and then to >System<
2. In the System Properties, click on the >Hardware< tab and then on the >Device Manager< button.
3. In the >Device Manager 4. Clicking on the Audio Codec's opens the Audio Codec's Properties and clicking the Properties tab in that interface presents a list of the Audio Compression Codec's that are installed on the system.
5. Now you may remove or enable/disable a selected codec from the list.
6. Video Codec's can be handled in the same manner by choosing "Video Codec's" from the Device Manager under "Sound, video and game controllers".

There are a few simple Codec tips & tricks, which one should employ to ensure the safety of your computer remains intact:

* NEVER download codec's on the fly.
The same is true for when you're prompted to add obscure codec's automatically in order to be able to watch a specific movie.
* If it sounds to be too good to be true it probably is.
Most of the online movie offerings stating to be movies of nude celebrities are just lures that are laid out to trick gullible internet users.
* Get the knowledge you need
In order to be aware of the tactics used by unscrupulous codec scammers, you will need to keep abreast of all the latest tactics employed by these nefarious hackers!

The fact that Facebook, as a social network has become so very popular, has directly resulted in the increased use of Facebook as an attack vector, with malware writers and distributors realizing the immense potential there is in the Facebook market.

Bearing all this in mind, one should always practices safe web surfing, and NEVER download any file that one does not know for 100% is legitimate and safe to use.

Should you have fallen victim to one of the fake codec scams, I suggest you employ the services of a fully functional and up to date antispyware application, this way you will be able to rid your system of any nefarious activity, immediately!

  • steve

    how do i know which codecs to delete?